TP1-GR Grounding Kit

TP1-GR Grounding Kit


The TP1-GR Grounding Kit enables proper earth grounding of the TP1 Tripod and WeatherHawk weather station if installed by a qualified electrician. Consists of a 36 inch (91.4 cm) long copper plated steel electrical ground rod, electrical couplings for connection to the ground rod and the TP1 Tripod, a 5 foot length of plastic coated 00 stranded copper cable, and a three foot length of 14 AWG stranded copper ground wire with a connection lug on one end.


Benefits/Feature Box

  1. Includes sturdy long copper plated steel electrical ground rod
  2. Ideal for Ground-level or Soil Installations
  3. Also features electrical couplings, copper cable and stranded copper ground wire