Levenhuk Rainbow 50L PLUS Microscope

Levenhuk Rainbow 50L PLUS Microscope


The Levenhuk Rainbow 50L PLUS is the perfect combination of stylish design, excellent optics, and ergonomic body. Like all other models in the Levenhuk Rainbow family, these microscopes are ideal for young researchers. The microscope comes with magnification up to 1280x. Each microscope comes with a spring loaded lens to prevent damaging the optics.  With its universal illumination system, it allows for the viewing of transparent, opaque, and translucent samples.





  1. Industrial Grade - made of metal
  2. Magnification up to 1028x
  3. Two LED illumination systems
  4. 360 degrees rotatable head

Additional information

Weight 7.1 lbs
Dimensions 7.1 × 15.9 × 10.6 in

Orange, Lime, Azure, Amethyst, Moonstone